Goodbye JoJo

Yep! SHINee are saying goodbye to the stages with the second track from their mini Album: JoJo. They won no awards with this song but the ones they won with Ring Ding Dong surelly make it up!
In this Comeback they surprised everyone with the badboy look... but the response to it was surelly positive. Let us hope that in their next comeback they don't go back to the freaky colorfull SHINee.
Anyway, I leave you with their JoJo performance at Music Core. Enjoy

2010 Resolutions

No, it's not an error.
I'm only posting this now because I've been delaying this.
Because I absolutly no resolutions to 2010, nothing can be worse then 2009 and prior... so to the hell with it all!
These where my last Year resolutions:

* To finally meet that special person in my life. -.-' Yeah as if I could ever acomplish this one! Dream on
*To edit my book Again.... KEEP DREAMING
*And meet my sweet sisters: Munny and Nayomira. This is the only one I've acomplished!

It's kind of sad that out of only three miserable resolutions only one was acomplished in one whole year!

This year I'll make the list longer

* Finish the freaking book, took me long enough
* Go to Nayo on my vacation, and spend a week with her.
* Visit Rome again, I've been wanting to go there for way too long, life is too short to wast in winning about how hard life is. (Nayo too)
*Meet new people and try to be more with Nayo, Melanie (Munny) and Shyra,
* Try and find a better job! Intermarché is not a dream job and not even close.
* Live life more, if I die tomorrow I want to go with no regrets!
* Learn the basis for Japanese/Korean and be able to read it too!
* Become more aware of my figure and take better care of myself (I'm terrible at this)
* Try and live alone again.
* Hopefully go live with Nayo still in this year!
* Don't give a damn about what people say and try and fullfill my dreams! They are mine so no one has anything to say in it!
* Personally meet Jiwoon (this one will be hard)
* Go to Paris (nayo too)
* Take thousands of pictures to remember everything I do later on!

This is about it!

Love you all:


Man Man Ha Ni by U-Kiss

Remember when I told you about that boy, Alexander Eusebio, from the South Koran Boyband U-Kiss? The one who speaks portuguese!?

That one! Well I leave you with their Hit song: Man Man Ha Ni! It's quite cool and this is the live performance for Mnet MCountdown. He sings at 2:37 and 3:10.


Harry Potter is Back.... For The Last Time

Here it is! The first preview of the last Harry Potter movie.
Yep! The Deathly Hallows is the last Harry Potter movie, now there is no Dumbledore or Sirius to help Harry. If you have read the book... Shiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuu! We do not want to spoil the surprise that waits all those movie lovers and Snape haters!
You are in for a surprise... stay tuned!

English Origins

English has always been my favorite language and I never studied to know what I do.
That is just a simple fact, the honest truth is movies and music do help a lot. Still the real truth is that it is in my blood! XD
My great great grandmother came to portugal even though she didn't know a single word of portuguese!
She was a brave person and I envy her courage. I mean, she learned portuguese on her own and raised a familly far from her own and in the most adverse conditions. How brave would you be to do something like that, huh?
I remembered to tell you this important fact after reading an entry a friend of mine posted: Jiwoon, about Wannabe's.
So... tell me now! What would YOU (all of you) do in this situation?
Answer the poll but do make a comment telling me your detailed opinion... I want to know!

Would you move to another Country without knowing the language?


My Favorite Writer

Stephen R. Lawhead is an internationally acclaimed author of mythic history and imaginative fiction. His works include Byzantium, Patrick, and the series The Pendragon Cycle, The Celtic Crusades, and The Song of Albion.

Stephen was born in 1950, in Nebraska in the USA. Most of his early life was spent in America where he earned a university degree in Fine Arts and attended theological college for two years. His first professional writing was done at Campus Life magazine in Chicago, where he was an editor and staff writer. During his five years at Campus Life he wrote hundreds of articles and several non-fiction books.

After a brief foray into the music business—as president of his own record company—he began full-time freelance writing in 1981. He moved to England in order to research Celtic legend and history. His first novel, In the Hall of the Dragon King, became the first in a series of three books (The Dragon King Trilogy) and was followed by the two-volume Empyrion saga, Dream Thief and then the Pendragon Cycle, now in five volumes: Taliesin, Merlin, Arthur, Pendragon, and Grail. This was followed by the award-winning Song of Albion series which consists of The Paradise War, The Silver Hand, and The Endless Knot.

He has written nine children's books, many of them originally offered to his two sons, Drake and Ross. He is married to Alice Slaikeu Lawhead, also a writer, with whom he has collaborated on some books and articles. They make their home in Oxford, England.

Stephen's non-fiction, fiction and children's titles have been published in twenty-one foreign languages. All of his novels have remained continuously in print in the United States and Britain since they were first published. He has won numereous industry awards for his novels and children's books, and in 2003 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the University of Nebraska.




Let me present you to Goong!
Goong is a South Korean Manga by Park So Hee.
Imagine that the South Korean Royal familly still existed to our days. Then the crown prince was engagged to a totall strangers that knows his most embaracing secret but she is a total comoner!

"Monarchy ended long ago in Korea, but there are still other countries with Kings, Queens, princes and princesses. What if Korea had continued monarchism? What if all the beautiful palaces which are now only historical relics were actually filled with people?! What if the glamorous royal family still maintained the palace customs?! Welcome to a world where Korea still has the royal family living their lives! Only for this one high school girl, Chae Gyung, this is a tragedy, since she has to marry the prince who apparently is a total jerk!" (Mangatraders source)

This are the base lines for the start of one of the most famous South Korean Mangas ever. 
Some time ago, back in 2006, they turned it into a massive sucess kdrama: Goong aka Princess Hours

There are some changes in the drama that are not like in the anime, but I still haven't finished reading the manga to tell you exactly how much.
One thing I did enjoy, the manga ends in Macau (and no I'm not gonna give you any spoilers), and one of Chae Gyung favorite sweets there are what she calls to be a type of tart! XD Nop! It isn't. Macau was once a portuguese province so many of our costums and colture where embeded into their suciety. Many people there still speak portuguese and there are still people with portuguese names. As a note here I can give you a pratical example: Alexander from U-Kiss (Koran boyband) his father (if i'm not mistaken) is from Macau and aside the portuguese speaking ablities he also has a very famous portuguese name: Eusebio. It's kind of nice to have someone in the South Korean intertainment business that can speak the language of Camões.

But as I was saying Chae Gyung favorite sweet in Macau is actually a very traditional portuguese sweet known as: Pastel de nata!
Looks tasty, righ? Wanna have some? Come to portugal and enjoy our amazing pastery!


Happy New Year

Yep, people! Here we are!


Guess what? It's been more than year since I've been posting here and It's been also more than a Year since I meet many of you!
I know that there are some silent readers and others... well... not so silent!
To all of you:

Thanks and Happy new Year


I don't know what to do! How can I explain somthing that can't be explained? How can I say how my heart got so close to you? It wants to listen to you even though I never heard your voice, It wants to see you even though I've never seen you before... Am I going crazy? It is all your fault for making me fall for you like this. It's irrational, makes absolutly no sense, there's no reason what so ever. Still, without me realising it, it is you my heart misses the most, it is you he wants to talk to. It's you, only you. And now? If loving him was impossible... loving you is even more crazy! Between Impossible and unreal... all I get is a huge heartbreak and a huge void in my chest. You broke you heart... But I love you