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[Review] B.A.P. - Warrior

I'm not always this entusiastic about a rookie group... but BAP... got my vote of trust!
Bang Yong Gook had me from moment one with his voice and live performances... "Going Crazy" with Song Ji Eun from Secret was as much a surprise as it was additive. The melody of Ji Eun's melodic voice with the husky and strong voice of Yong Gook made it really good to the ear.
Then his single with Yoseob... I mean, YoSeob is YoSeob... he's proven his value long ago along with all of the other Beast members. Mix that with Bang Yong Gook and what u have is... well, never before seen and to prove it the positive feedback and love from fans basicly speak for itself. Suddenly Bang Yong Gook was out there and people wanted more... a lot more.
He's been compared to T.O.P. of BigBang for both the similarities in their voices but also the quality. Honestly this boy started with a BANG... and not just in the name.

But then came Bang and Zelo... and another member of B.A.P. The fact that he was 15 surprised me... but his voice made it go to a second plan... the kid is good.

After all this, FINALLY, came the announcement that B.A.P. would, soon, be making a debut. The teaser was nice but I have been mislead before. Other groups whom I though I would love the songs because of the teaser, groups that are not new and with supposed good quality have disapointed me before... so... I was expectant but not trilled...
Now... along came the MV and the single... THIS! This is GOOD! I mean... Ok... I expeted some quality and all, Bang Yong Gook's single and Bang & Zelo's was nice... but THIS? This is a WHOLE NEW LEVEL... 

Ok... u think i'm fangirling because I'm a fan of Yong Gook? Go listen to the WHOLE album and THEN we'll talk. I mean warrior is the shi* in cool matters... but... between Warrior and Unbreakable I don't know wich one to choose... they are really good! 
Trust ME... it's on my To BUY list!
Now... enough talking. Here's the MV... listen and see for yourself... ^^

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