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May 13th!

It's been 5 years... yep! 5!

Many things happened since that time. My life changed in so many ways that the me from back then probably would not recognize the me from now.
I was so innocent… a dreamer in a land of unbelievers. Then it all came down on me.
My mistakes lead me to make even more mistakes. Now I know better, but the innocent and believing me back then could not have done better. Sometimes I wish I could go back and change it all, or just some things. One little action, one word, and my life would have been so different.
But looking at it from the outside of the box… would I still have meet all those amazing friends? Would I be the person I am nowadays?
My mistakes made me stronger, made me realize many things but above all, closed the innocent little me inside a thicker shell. I still have hopes and dreams, but they are closed inside a person with a strong will and an unshakable desire to do, or die trying!
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