Margarida Rodrigues (ahri_mr) wrote,
Margarida Rodrigues

EuroVision Song Contest 2011

Ok. I have to say that right now I'm pretty embarassed to be Portuguese.
Last night Portugal participated in a very prestigious song contest between the European countries. In the 1st eleminatory.... GOD! With such good music we have around here why in HELL, did they pic this!?
I mean... yeah, I know we have our finantial problems and we are all in the bad terms with the portuguese goverment... but showing THIS to all of Europe... it's not bad.... IT'S TERRIBLE!  This other song:

NOW THIS! This should have won! We would make it big for sure!
So... to try and show what I mean I leave u all with GOOD portuguese music. A very traditional Fado! ^^
This is Mariza... She says it all in the beggining... it's the soul of Portugal!

Tags: eurovission, music, portugal
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