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Interview with MJ Kouk...

 Hello everyone! How are u all?
I know I've been making this promise for so long... but this time is for good! I'M BACK! Honest truth, cross my heart!

So today I'm here to tell u all about MJ Kouk! (check out his website at

He's a very talented singer, composer and song writer... WOW right?
I first found him with Liliana. She was showing me his cousins chanel, on Youtube MRKouk (aparently everyone in the familly is talented XD) when I found his channel... and love the musics.

As some of you know to the others here's the BIG news: I'm creating a website along with Nayomira, Bruna and Barbara, it's called: Inki:Odisseia. And it's mainly about K-music but it will have more things.
So here I was with my crazy ideias... and I though "Having an interview with a singer would be a great way to open our website!" Of course no one actually believed this would go far... -.- don't give those looks girls! I know that's what u all thought! 
Anyway. I was searching around wondering who to ask. Sent a couple of emails... no, I did not actually try BigBang or anything... -.- I'm a dreamer... not an fool! So, sent a couple of emails and went on youtube to listen to some music and was watching Once Twice 3 for like the 100th time when it got me: "MJ would be a Cool person to interview." Ok, gotta admit I didn't expect mutch, but u all know me, can't hurt trying right?
So... to my great surprise the next day I had an ansewr from him... and guess what? OMG! He said yes!
Yesterday was the interview and he was the sweetest thing cause he actually did the interview at 2am his time! 
I had so much fun interviewing him sometimes I almost forgot it was an interview. In is own words: "It was like talking with someone I've known for a very long time."

So right now I'm trying not to shoot my laptop has I try to edit the interview so that all of u can enjoy the amazing person he is! ^^
Stay tuned for more updates about this and about Inki:Odisseia.
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