Margarida Rodrigues (ahri_mr) wrote,
Margarida Rodrigues

As I Close The Door

It’s another night
No one else here but me
Nowhere else I can be
My heart is dark, it lost its light

My soul hurts deep inside
So deep, it feels agonizing
Flesh wounds I can hide
Not the heart you broke without realizing
Without a second thought
All love you said you felt went out the door
Why did you say you forgot?
I can’t, my heart is still sore.

Why did you change?
Why didn’t I see?
This love has become a cage
Shackles that hold the last of me
Shattering my love into pieces
To many for me to gather
Till there is nothing to put together
Distorting truths become lies
Right in front of my eyes
Promises you can never keep
Hurting so deep…
Hurting more as you kill
Every little piece of my all
Leaving nothing for me to grieve
Leaving nothing for me to recall
But the pain I can’t erase

As I close this door
Leaving you outside
I say goodbye to it all
No more wounds to hide
No more pain to cry
No more to tear to go by
As I close this door

And the pain is gone
But the feeling’s so strong
How can I be?
How can I do?
Cause you no longer see
We were just one now we’re two.
Tags: hurt, pain, poems
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