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Against Black Ocean for B2ST...

"As both a TVXQ fan and B2ST fan... I hope this stops here and does not go forth...
I would be very dessappointed. I'm Cassiopeia... But I won't be anymore if this comes to be. This measure will only endager other fanclubs... Just because of a few bad people u are trying to manipulate the resolts. People from other fanclubs do the exact same thing so why blame only one?
As a Radio DJ, if this happens, I won't be airing any songs from the artists of the participant fanclubs... This is Blackmail and Beast had nothing to do with this! They are first to go against their own fanclub wrong doings.
They worked very hard to get to where they are, don't blame the artists."

This is the reply I wanted to give to the person that started this but I can't cause she or he only wants to listen to his/her friends point of view.
This is mine... And if this going to happen if the Black Ocean for the hard working B2ST goes forth...  I promise I will not be the only one leaving behind certain fandoms.,,
I want to believe, as a Cassiopeia, that they are out of this! Remember B2ST are best friends with: 2PM, BigBang, 2AM, SHINee and many others... Many will be displeased with this... even your idols.... T_T
Tags: b2st, black ocean, cassiopeia, fandom, music, sad, tvxq
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