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Talking to You

Stars fall from the sky

Wind can tell the truth in a whisper

To my heart it feels like a lie

Taking me deeper

Lifting up my soul

Wrapping my life like a stole

This night that covers our hearts

Unites more than it parts

Bringing closer this love inside

Taking away fears I can’t hide

Tears that I’ve cried


Words may exit my lips

Fly and dance around you and me

Every little flame it lifts

It’s a fire only we can see

Plain to the sight

Long to the need

A long lost plead

Giving us a way to fight

Heart and soul to move on

Strength to keep walking

I can’t have u gone

Not when we are still talking.

I guess I was the one who missed my own poems the most! XD funny!
Brace yourselfs, there are more in the making!

Tags: love, me, poems, words
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