Margarida Rodrigues (ahri_mr) wrote,
Margarida Rodrigues

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The Last of Me


I don’t want to fall

I rather die

Killing this pain and die

But I don’t want to forget it all


I want to see you

Hear your heart beat

Feel the touch of your skin

Just one look and I slip

Into those eyes that make me dream

Go under some kind of spell

Some kind of “feel but don’t tell”

Feeling a love that I can’t share


I want you for my own

Thanks to you this feeling has grown

I’m falling into an endless abyss

I don’t feel my body or my soul

In this land of forsaken thoughts

If killing me was your goal

Before the last of my teardrops

My heart will stop beating

But I’ll be no longer sleeping.

Tags: loneliness, love, poems, romance
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