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Yep! It's not news that I just love to dance! So today I'll leave you with some of my favorite performances ever!
Let's go!

This was for KBS Gayo Daejun... I prefer their version to Lady Gaga's!

Now.... B2ST! DAMN! Their new song: Shock is great... but the coreography.... KICKS ASS! Everything is awsome: wardrobe, music, dance moves.... I mean... just check it out:

Along comes U-Kiss... after Man Man Ha Ni... Bingeul Bingeul or Round and Round is their comeback song.. It's nice and has some good moves! These guys keep surprising me over and over and if u want good laughing moments just watch U-Kiss Vampire... to die laughing!

Also very powerfull: MBLAQ... this was for Star Battle! Nice! Love the cute part in the end... in the transition between 2000 watts and Kara's Mister.... u can clearly see Super Junior's Donghae saying: "what" in Korean (boiah? I think it's written like this)

B2ST vs ZE:A.... not much to say

B2st and Mblaq!

Several bands to dance Michael Jackson!

Mblaq's Oh Yeah and B2ST's Mystery!

And now to laugh a little:

Super Junior

and of course, the best always comes last: TVXQ



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