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U-Kiss - Only One

You must remember me talking about U-Kiss member, Alexander? I told you about him because he speaks portuguese very well. Do u remember?

I've never really been such a great fan of U-Kiss, but I was positivly surprised with Man Man Ha Ni. It was a nice concept, nice vocals... the dance was nice and the tune catchy! Then.... along cam Only One. I was curious so I had to listen.... and .... DAMN! I LOVE IT!

I mean... after all the mini Albuns: SHINee, SS501, MBLAQ, BEAST... and so on... I felt like something was missing. I did love Ring Ding Dong and Jojo... but Only One really got me! It's great... so great I speant way to long (grrr freaking conection made redo this post about 10 times... I'm freaking out here, people!) trying to post this!
I'm leaving u with the full album tracks... and how about u tell me your opinion on it? uh?

02. 빙글빙글 (Round and Round)

03. Without You

04. 뭐라고 (What?)

05. Bang Bang Bang


07. 만만하니 (Am I That Easy?) (Remix)

08. O.K!(Remix)

09. 니가좋아 (I Like You) (Remix)

10. Talk to Me (Remix)

11. 어리지않아 (Not Young) (Remix)

12. give it to me (remix)

cr: kaboomzable + kpop2net @ yt // ahhyala @ omgkpop
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