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We Believe!

No matter what I believe.
I might have been deceived but the real TVXQ deserve my support because they inspired me to write further and it's thanks to them that I can write all the poems you all read in english.
I first found them through a photo from Jaejoong, then I found out he belonged to TVXQ and I went to youtube to found out more. The first thing I saw was the Making Of Rising Sun... on that moment I knew I would fall for their music... and I did.
It's not a question of being cute, lot's of guys in bands that I like are cute, it's not a question of being funny, Super Junior are funny too... it's about their voices, the carisma, their funny moments, their tears, the laughs... all together!

Now my favorite song is Miduhyu and my favorite MV is Tri-Angle and Purple Line... my favorite moment? Rising Sun Japanese MV... the moment they jump. On that moment  realised something very important to me.

No matter what... and because Miduhyu is also my favorite song I also participated in the We Believe Project. -.-' Even though I think I look awfull!
Doesn't matter what Other people say, It's because I believe that I support them!

About the MV, this is another Phoenix, European Fanclub, project. As a proud Phoenix member.... I was also in!

TVXQ Fighting!
Always Keeping the Faith! Aways!
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