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C.N. Blue is Lonely!

Well... I was supposed to have finished my posts for today... but guess what... I can't!
The sole reason to this is the also Debouting band: C.N.Blue. Somewhat based on A.N.JELL from the Kdrama You're Beautiful, with actor Jang Geun Suk and the now actor and lead singer of F.T.Island Lee HongKi, C.N.Blue is actually formed by some of the actors and singer for the fictional band from the drama.
Well, aparently A.N.JELL is not so fictional because they already did some concerts for the fans of the drama, but the main point is neither GeunSuk or HongKi can be in another band because of their already busy C.N.Blue was born,
Correct me if I'm wrong I think I read this somewhere but I can't recall where.
Moving on, the music is called "I'm a Loner" and I found it .... AMAZINGLY NICE and refreshing... catchy to say the least!

Tell me what you think!

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