Margarida Rodrigues (ahri_mr) wrote,
Margarida Rodrigues


The band name is Child of Empire or ZE:A (don't freaking ask me why! I have no clue). They are a new band and they are 9 (I think) kids that are atempting to make a fuzz in the Music Industry in South Korea. They already started a fuzz with their name because it was changed so many times... just don't ask me their names... I don't want to go looking for them right now because I wan't to finish watching MBLAQ's Idol Army (those's boys are too crazy! XD).
The truth is I watched the MV and I have their minialbum, someone shared it to me (can't say who), so I was waiting to watch their first live performance of their debout song: Mazeltov. The MV was really cool and the song is nice... non the less, performing it live is somewhat diferent.
I know it's just their first live performance and they just debouted... but I found myself a bit desapointed in it!
Anyway, here you have their live performance for today even though the first was yesterday I prefer todays! Watch and tell me what you think!

Tags: debout, korean music, music, ze:a
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